Teacher Resources

Components of a TeachWild Field Kit

The TeachWild teacher resource page provides you with all the necessary downloadable materials on conducting marine debris surveys.

Marine Debris Beach Surveys: Sampling Methods

You can decide on which sampling method is best suited for your team using the guidelines provided below for each survey methodology.


You will need the below datasheets to record all the information from the marine debris surveys.

Database: How to Log Your Data Instructions

The TeachWild database has been updated and you will find that the database is now very similar to the data sheets.  For new users, just click on ‘Log your data here’ on.  You can then request a registration id. For schools that have entered data previously, you will also need to request a new registration id so that you can enter your data into the new database.

Here’s how to enter the data for each beach survey methodology;

  1. Database Instructions – Transects

  2. Database Instructions – Emu Parade

Log your data