Become a Scientist for a Day

TeachWild aims to inspire students to explore their world through science that is relevant to their lives, and encourage, motivate and reward innovation in curriculum delivery by teachers.

Students conducting an emu parade (one of the methods for sampling marine debris)

Scientists from CSIRO are surveying beaches and birdlife around Australia to better understand the sources and distribution of marine debris and the threat it poses to Australian wildlife.

 Our scientists will inspire students from Year 6-10 with engaging fieldwork, learning the basics of data collection and scientific methods. They will conduct a one day field based excursion with your students at a local beach or waterway. Field work includes beach surveys to look for marine debris and marine wildlife affected by debris. By engaging in our program, students will receive an interactive learning experience whilst meeting some of the key learning areas of the Australian Curriculum.

CSIRO and the TeachWild team will be completing the marine survey in the areas below.If you would like register, please contact the email address below.


Sydney – March 3-7, 2014

Tasmania – April 7-11, 2014


To find out more and to get involved, Email:  Geraldine Davis- Program Manager, TeachWild and OR Call Earthwatch Australia on 03 9016 7590

To know more on the research contact Dr. Denise Hardesty- CSIRO Ecosystems Sciences