St. Brendan's College

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    Hi Guys, I am working really hard here. It would be good if you blogged something to me.
    I have worked for hours picking up pieces of plastic and classifying them.
    Please bin your litter before wildlife eats it.

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    Hi Guys, This is a great experience, I wish you were here to learn about the impact of plastic.
    Yesterday we went on the boat and looked at the turtles and fish that have been left in the water hanging from a floater and in a cage. This experiment will show how long it will take for the turtles and the fish o decompose when they are trapped in ghost nets. Ghost nets are nets that have been left floating around either mistakenly or purposely by fishermen. These ghost nets keep travelling underwater for ever and in the process they kill thousands of marine animals and sometimes also birds.

    after that we dissected birds that died in animal hospital for various causes, some of them were pelicans. We were looking for plastic. I have learnt how to dissect a bird and the various organs.

    today we went back on the water with the boat and checked the turtles and the fish.

    I also spent a long tome weighing, measuring, and identifying pieces of plastic that were found in various birds.

    If you want to ask me questions please do so by clicking reply.

    I hope you have a lot of questions for me.



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