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FRIDAY 12/10/12


We were up at 4.15am so that we could go to Cape Woolami Shearwater Rookery and watch the 500,000 shearwaters depart for their day fishing.

Watching so many birds exit their burrows and all walk down the paths to the edge of the cliffs was an amazing site.


Wait for the next entry – we are off to listen to a talk on mammals at the Education Centre


Fishing net that was around a pup seal's neck. The seal pup needed to be caught and then the net was very carefully removed by cutting each strand . Ranger Roger had to be very careful and also ensure he had removed every strand from the seals neck.


All these tubs and boxes are full of pieces of debris that have entangled seals. The pieces were cut off seals and kept for recording. There are over 300 pieces of debris here, so that means that there were 300 seals who were entangled.