World Oceans Day 2013

Join TeachWild and the fight against marine debris by putting your hands up and showing your support.

For this year’s World Oceans Day, TeachWild asked  schools and community groups to participate in a national art competition. We had a great response and the artwork was really creative.

Congratulations to:

    Winner of the Art Competition: Lorne – Aireys Inlet P-12 College (Grade 4)

Highly Commended:

1st South Frankston Scout Group

Kalinda Primary School

Lorne – Aireys Inlet P-12 (Prep Class)

Congratulations also to the following schools.  Their questions to the scientists were selected and exhibited as part of World Oceans Day at Melbourne Aquarium:

Heritage College (Prep); Emerald Primary School; Kalinda Primary School; Southern Cross K-12; Pembroke School

To view the World Oceans Day event, click on video below;

Earthwatch Australia – World Oceans Day Event from Earthwatch Australia on Vimeo.

Click to view a collection of the marine debris art pieces as per the school list below


  1. Kalinda Primary School (VIC)
  2. 1st South Frankston Scouts Group (VIC)
  3. Southern Cross K-12 (VIC)
  4. Emerald Primary School (VIC)
  5. Star of the Sea (SA)
  6. Lorne- Aireys Inlet P-12 College (VIC)
  7. Pembroke School (SA)
  8. Heritage College (VIC)

National Art Competition Prizes include;

  1. A Frank Green water filter bottle made from EastmanTritan™ recyclable materials, BPA free and non-toxic as well as being 100% Australian designed and made
  2.  A 4myearth sandwich wrap which offers an environmentally friendly way to wrap up food that can be used again and again. 100% Cotton/Canvas fabric, PVC, BPA and non toxic.

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We thank you for your continued support on the TeachWild program. There are other ways you can help us in combating the issue of marine debris.

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For every click Frank Green will donate $1 to Earthwatch's Annual Appeal

For every click Frank Green will donate $1 to Earthwatch’s Annual Appeal


So hands up! Who would like to work towards cleaner marine environment?