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TeachWild – A journey of discovery

Scientists from CSIRO are surveying beaches and birdlife around Australia to better understand the sources and distribution of marine debris and the threat it poses to Australian wildlife.

The marine debris survey began at Cairns in late 2011 and is stopping every 100 kilometres around the coastline. Debris is recorded along three to five survey lines at each beach or rocky shore.

Data collected during the survey will contribute to a national marine debris database designed to assist the formulation of policies and practices intended to protect marine ecosystems. Read more about the research and aims here.

How you can get involved

TeachWild is a three-year program comprising the following key elements:

  • Science teachers: Field trips –  immersive learning experience for teachers and Shell employees – find out more.
  • Schools: Scientist for a Day research and training projects for students, teachers and Shell employees – find out more.
  • Online: TeachWild online resources provide teachers and students with access to the cutting-edge scientific modelling tools, while contributing to a national marine debris database. find out more




To find out more and to get involved,

Email:  Geraldine Davis- Program Manager, TeachWild OR Call Earthwatch Australia on 03 9016 7590

To know more about on the research contact Dr. Denise Hardesty- CSIRO Ecosystems Sciences .