World Oceans Day 2013
View Image1.CEO Earthwatch Australia-David McInnes
View Image2.Director of the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) in Canberra- Christopher Woodthorpe
View Image3.Program Manager TeachWild- Geraldine Davis Earthwatch
View Image4.CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences -Dr. Denise Hardesty
View Image5.CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences- Dr. Denise Hardesty answering a video question from Southern Cross K-12 student Jamali in NSW
View Image6.Shell Australia Country Social Investment Manager- Jenny Odgers
View Image7.CEO Earthwatch Australia-David McInnes with students from Emerald Primary School getting ready to showcase some of the marine debris collected from the local beaches
View Image8.CEO Earthwatch Australia-David McInnes with students from Emerald Primary School unveiling the marine debris
View Image9.Emerald Primary School Environmental Educator- Leigh Johnson advising his students on creating a marine debris artwork from the debris
View Image10.Emerald Primary School students discussing ideas for their marine debris artwork
View Image11.Emerald Primary School students getting hands on creative with some of the props for the marine debris artwork
View Image12.CSIRO-Dr. Denise Hardesty admiring the creativity of Emerald Primary School students marine debris artwork
View Image13.Dr. Denise Hardesty; Chris Schulz,  Earthwatch Director; Jenny Odgers;Christopher Woodthorpe, UNIC; David McInnes; Earthwatch Australia; Colin Gomm, Earthwatch Director