Emerald Primary School


Day 3 – This morning we were up at 4.15am. Clumsily moving around in the darkness trying to get our warmest clothes on and head down to Cape Woolamai.

Swarming on the ground was a writhing mass of black squwarks and flapping wings. Oddly with perhaps hundreds of thousands of  determined shearwaters bustling head long for the cliff edge to get airborne, there was a strange sense of orderliness and direction.

0430 – Flight of the Mutton Bird (Short Tailed Shearwater)

Day 4

Wow! Last night we were tagging and weighing Soft Tailed Shearwaters right on the Little Penguin beach. We retrieved 5 data loggers which will give important insights in to the habits of the bird. Existing information shows that they may fly many tens of thousands of kilometers per year.




March of the Mutton Birds


Shearwater Flight