Sorell School


Things have moved quickly since Brisbane. I have dot-pointed my recent movements for your interest.

Can I just add how impressed I am at your blogs and the responses from your students. There are some super themes, ideas and pedagogy exhibited in your sage like guidance of your classes.

It is important to remember the week we had on Straddie, it was great learning. I will perhaps be a little lean on this blog but your will see small dots popping up all over Tasmania.

  • Hobart Airport 8 degrees at 10pm
  • Nice to be home
  • Monday at work clean up debris from relief teachers
  • Order GoPro Camera and accessories
  • Work flat stick all week
  • Bought GarminGPS
  • Planned Tassie trip for May/June (Hols in Tas) to do litter surveys
  • Thursday played with GoPro  and GPS
  • Friday a deep L building off the SE coast
  • Saturday made it to the Shack-Bliss!
  • Got my art website for those who are interested, it was dormant for months til a timely phone call from my IT mate told me it was live again Hurray!
  • Bombers 6-1
  • Sitting in the lounge room of the shack on the computer doing this blog. Swell 6mS about the same SW. Waiting til wind drops a bit, gale.

All good I hope. Will get through your emails when my computer lets me. I am having a Little Britain moment on the old Ienovo Think Pad “Computer says no!” I will be with you soon.

I have kids looking for dead mutton birds

2 Weeks after North Stradbroke Island

Some updates and a perspective on the experience:

Careful Tuition


Academics and scientists are the key to understanding the depth of the problems introduced by Teach Wild

Teach my teacher so they can teach me has never been so true


So how can we live on a planet where there is no plastic debri in the gut of a Gannet?


Involuntary research participant

Too many of the birds we dissected on this trip  had plastic in their digestive tracts.

How and why is it getting there?
What can we do?
Would we propose that this sort of carnage on nature is acceptable? On what or who’s terms?
What regulatory body (Global, National, State, Local) takes responsibility of plastic debri?
Teach Wild is about understanding the depth of this litter/plastic/environmental problem and addressing it with the next generation.

Tools of the trade

Embrace the necropsy. It is a vital learning tool.
It can be a challenge but persevere with your experiences using these tools as the rewards are great.
So much can be understood about this project inside the gizzard of a bird.
You will be amazed.


  1. Lee G SA

    Well done Warwick – enjoy the GoPro.

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