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Day 4

Another beautiful day at North Stradbroke Island today. Started with a beach survey of marine debris. Completed 3 transects (40m from edge of the water up into the sand dunes), picking up any rubbish we saw, to be taken back to Moreton Bay Research Station and sorted.

Preparing the start of the Transect from the waters edge

At the finish of the transect in the dunes











Went back to the station and sorted the rubbish into categories, by size, colour and type.









I the afternoon we did some more shearwater necropsies, looking for debris in their stomachs, gizzards and intestines. We found one bird that had swallowed a toad fish and so had died probably from its poison, and another bird that had died because it had swallowed a balloon (pretty sad and why we shouldn’t let balloons go into the sky).

Day 3

Today was a beautiful day up here on North Stradbroke Island, the rain has gone and the sun is out. Went for and early morning swim and did some body surfing in beautifully warm water. Their were some terns diving for small baitfish right near us. We were only able to swim for about half an hour as we had to get back to have breakfast and then get back in to research mode.

We spent the morning doing necropsies on shearwaters (mutton birds). This is where you cut open the bird and look at the stomach and intestines to see what it has been eating (checking for pieces of plastic). This was a bit smelly, but really interesting work (have some video of this).






In the afternoon we split up РMrs Grigg went to Main Beach and did some Beach survey transects looking for marine debris; While I went out in the boat to do some trawl surveys looking for marine debris in Moreton Bay near the Northern end of the Island, I really enjoyed this, because as you know I love boating. While we were out there we saw some dolphins which was great.









Day 2

Started as a beautiful day but soon turned in to a rainy cold day. I (Mr Newble) started out with the group doing a beach survey transect looking for marine debris washed up on to the beach. Mrs Grigg went out on the boat to do a survey using a trawl net to look for marine debris in Moreton Bay. We have learnt a lot about the way scientists collect data for this area of research. We intend to use this to help us start some data collection of the marine debris in the Port River and Semaphore Beach.

Doing a marine debris transect survey on Main Beach in the rain

In the cage doing trawl sample analysis


















Day 1

Cleveland to Dunwich on the ferry. There has been a Shearwater die off. About 30 birds have washed ashore. From the back of a troopie we did a bird death survey along 25kms of beach on the eastern coast of North Stradbroke Island. Great waves but not real flash for surfing. We had to beat the tide on many occasions. Found one¬†Shearwater alive, didn’t appear too healthy. Poor Q got bogged on the exit, so we all piled out, and cheered as Denise manoevred the troopie up the sand.

We also did some Green sea turtle necropsies (cutting dead turtles open to see why they might have died), messy work but interesting.

4 wheel drive almost bogged after Shearwater (Mutton bird) survey

Collecting a dead Gannet during Shearwater survey


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