TeachWild: A journey of marine discovery!
TeachWild Final Report - A three year synopsis of the Earthwatch-Shell-CSIRO national marine debris program includes groundbreaking results. Read more.
"Plastic on the coasts is ours" - CSIRO releases TeachWild marine debris survey results in a recent report. Read more.
We are proud to announce that TeachWild has been selected as the best "Litter Prevention" program at the 2014 Keep Australia Beautiful - Victoria Sustainable Cities Awards!
A marine research and education program bringing teachers, students and scientists together.
Image courtesy of Ian Hutton.
Students and teachers have the opportunity to get involved in hands-on field research across Australia.

TeachWild: A journey of marine discovery!

Marine debris affects more than 270 species of marine animals worldwide, however little is known about the impact on Australia’s wildlife.

TeachWild is a national program that tackles this global issue and brings scientists together with teachers, students and employees to carry out hands-on field work.

Get involved today.

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